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Attitudes: key to Health, Happiness & Longevity

Your prospects for good health and long life are remarkably dependent upon mental habits learned in childhood. These attitudes cause emotional reactions which strongly affect your immune system, circulatory system and even your risk of accidents. The strength of this correlation between attitudes and health have been grossly underestimated by the medical profession..  This web site is dedicated to helping you to improve your health, happiness and your prospects for long life by identifying bad mental habits and replacing them with proven healthy ones.

In 1973 Dr. Grossarth-Maticek gave a brief test measuring habitual feelings of pleasure and well-being to thousands of elderly residents of Heidelberg, Germany. Twenty-one years later, he compared the test scores with health status. The results (graph) were amazing: the 300 people who had scored highest turned out to be thirty times more likely to be alive and well 21 years later than the 200 lowest!

The practical implications of this experiment are staggering! Though the test focused only on mental factors, it predicted future health more effectively than a much longer test on traditional risk factors such as genetics, lifestyle, smoking and diet. This means that improving your attitudes can make even more difference in your health than, for example, quitting smoking or losing weight. If you take that test right now, you will get an immediate free report on your health prospects based on the data from the experiment.

After you have completed the first test, you can take the much longer (20 minutes) second test. The free report from that test will give you very specific suggestions on things you should work on to improve your prospects for a long, healthy life. Taking both tests also qualifies you for a free enrolment in our one-year self-improvement program. If you enroll you will receive regular E-mail self-help messages directed at the specific problem areas uncovered by your tests. After you have finished both tests, you can browse through the FAQ page and the Table of Contents which lists a wealth of further details about these experiments and the amazing connection between mental attitudes and good health.

Improving health with attitude training

Though the idea of improving your health prospects by changing attitudes may sound like a fantasy, experiments have shown that a small amount of training spread over a year can be amazingly effective. In 1973 Dr. Grossarth-Maticek, the creator of both of the attitude tests included in this site, also did an amazing experiment which proved just that. He randomly divided 1200 people who had scored poorly on his tests into two equal-sized groups. One group of 600 was given a self-help brochure and six, one-hour training sessions spread over a one year period. The other 600 were given no training or placebo training.

When the health status of the two groups was checked 13 years later, 409 of the people given the training were still alive versus only 97 of the equal-sized control group! If you think it's too late for you to change, think again: the average age of the people in the experiment was 58!

Can the same kind of amazing improvement in health prospects be done by an interactive web site? I think the answer is yes and I plan to prove it with your help. If you take both tests you will be given an opportunity to enroll in this one-year course for free. All I ask is that you give me feedback to help me improve the effectiveness of the system. If anything is unclear, boring or ineffective please send me E-mail or visit our new Website with your specific suggestions. If we succeed together we will make a significant contribution to preventative health care and you will live a longer, healthier life.

This web site is created and maintained by Thomas R Blakeslee, author of The Attitude Factor, a book published in London by Thorsons/Harper-Collins. In 5-10 years time, I plan to use the data from this site to replicate three of Dr Grossarth-Maticek's amazing experiments.  I hope to speed the day when the medical profession and public health agencies will finally integrate this important knowledge into their practice.

Copyright 1997 Thomas R Blakeslee. All rights reserved. Revised: December 10, 2005.