Magical Moments of Music in Nature  

 The pure pleasure of listening to music in beautiful natural settings.
3D and surround sound draw you into an intense, multisensory experience.
Two pairs of Pulfrich
3D glasses included to enhance the 3D effect

         Part I: Music + Nature Tracks 
    Demos: DSL or cable only

  1. 3D Snow Flight             Play           Play    
  2. 3D Fish Circle               
  3. 3D Jellyfish Ballet         Play
  4.           Play
  5. 3D Return to Portofino   Play           Play
  6. 3D River Reflections
  7. 3D Train to Geneva
  8. 3D Yellowstone Rapids
  9. 3D Red Rocks of Utah   Play          Play
  10. Steaming Pools, Yellowstone
  11. Waterfalls
  12. Surf at Sunset, California
  13. Glowing Creek
  14. Warm Fire
  15. Tivoli Fountains
  16. Pompei Saturday Night

    Part II: Living Art: Nature Environments
    Tracks16-24 have no music, just the beautiful Dolby Digital sounds of nature. Set up a restful fireplace, waterfall or other nature scene right in your living room. Makes a great background for a party, reading or relaxation. Let them cycle or press your DVD player’s REPEAT key to make one scene run forever.

  17. River Reflections
  18. Steaming Pool                             Listen 
  19. Curtain Waterfall
  20. Dome Waterfall
  21. Gap Waterfall
  22. Glowing Rapids
  23. Surf at Sunset
  24. Crackling Fire
  25. Tivoli Fountain
  26. Bonus: Director’s comments

Watch it Again and Again
No words or story to get tired of…Just nature scenes with minimal cutting to transport you into a quiet state of pure pleasure. Plays just like a CD, from track 1… Or push the MENU button on your DVD remote to select your favorite track.            

Pleasure: A necessity for good health
Producer/Director Thomas Blakeslee’s best-selling books have been published in nine languages. His web site gives scientific proof that pleasure is a necessity for good health. This DVD is a practical way to bring the healthy state of pure pleasure into your busy life every single day. 
75 minutes of hi-rate digitally mastered video, all Regions. NTSC        



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