Improving Health and Longevity by
Changing Attitudes

Is it possible to improve your own prospects for health and longevity by improving your mental habits? Happily, the answer is a definite yes. Dr. Grossarth-Maticek, the creator of both of the attitude tests included in this site, also did several other amazing experiments which proved that your health prospects can be improved by training. In his intervention studies, assistants taught healthy attitudes to middle-aged people who had been found by attitude tests to be at high risk for bad health. Thirteen years later he compared their health status to a matched control group.

In one such study, 1200 people with poor test scores were randomly assigned so that half received self-regulation training while 600 people, randomly assigned to a control group, received no training or placebo training. When the health status of the two groups was checked 13 years later, 409 of the people given the training were still alive verses only 97 of the equal-sized control group!

The most amazing thing is that the training which gave this impressive improvement in health consisted only of self-study plus six one-hour training sessions spread over a one year period! The principles of self-regulation taught in this training are so simple and so effective that, once people experience their power, they become enthusiasts for life. If you think it's too late to change, think again: the average age of the people in the experiment was 58.

Can the same kind of amazing improvement in health prospects be done by an interactive web site? I think the answer is yes and I plan to prove it with your help. I am currently developing a training program which will use your computer to teach the same principles. You can begin it now for free because it is still only partly developed. All I ask is that you give me feedback to help me improve the effectiveness of the system. If anything is unclear, boring or ineffective please send me E-mail with your specific suggestions. If we succeed together we will make a significant contribution to preventative health care and you will live a longer, healthier life.

The first step of the program is to take another research-proven test by Dr. Grossarth-Maticek: the 106-question self-regulation test. In 1973, his interviewers gave this test to 5716 elderly Heidelberg residents. 15 years later, health follow-up showed that it was even more predictive of future health than the shorter pleasure and well-being test. This longer and more detailed test is much more useful because it identifies the specific unhealthy attitudes that are associated with poor health so that you can get to work on changing them. If you have about 20 minutes available now, you should take this 106-question test now. You will receive an immediate free report of your score, your health prospects, and a list of specific unhealthy attitudes uncovered by the test.

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