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The average age of the 3055 people who took this test in 1973 was 58, so the % figure above roughly approximates your chances of being alive and well at 79. In the experiment, 75% of the highest scorers were alive and well 21 years later, compared to only 2.5% for the lowest.

If your score wasn't near the top, don't worry. Experiments have shown that by learning new attitudes you can significantly improve not only your test score, but also your prospects for a long, healthy life. Increasing the pleasure in your life is not something you can easily work on, but we have another research-proven test which will give you much more specific and helpful suggestions: The self-regulation test identifies the specific mental habits that lead to a long, healthy life. You can take the test in about 20 minutes . As a reward you will receive an immediate free report that lists the specific habits you should be working on. Taking both tests also qualifies you to receive free E-mailed "Attitude Jogging" messages for one year. You will only receive messages directed at unhealthy attitudes uncovered by your tests. This optional one-year program will cost money in the future but, since it is still in development, is absolutely free if you take the test now..

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