Your Personalized Self-Regulation Test Report

Thank you for helping our research.

The average age of the 5,716 people who took this test in 1973 was 58, so the % figure above roughly approximates your chances of being alive and well at 73. In this experiment, 81% of the 300 highest scorers were alive and well 15 years later, compared to only 1.6% for the 300 lowest. If your score wasn't near the top, don't worry. You can significantly improve not only your score, but also your prospects for a long, healthy life by working on the problem areas listed below:

If you left your e-mail address, you will be receiving self-help messages designed to help you work on improving unhealthy mental habits. The messages are sent out every other day, but you will receive only messages that YOU need as indicated by your tests. These messages will continue for one year. If you pay attention and put in the effort, this work can significantly improve your prospects for good health.

You should print this page and keep it for later study.

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