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wpeC.jpg (31423 bytes)Thomas R Blakeslee personally created this web site because he passionately believes that the medical establishment has been ignoring important evidence that the connection between mental attitudes and health is much stronger than current medical practice suggests. By massively replicating three crucial experiments using impartial computer technology, he hopes to provide evidence which which cannot be ignored.

Blakeslee is a graduate of Caltech in Pasadena, California. In 1980 he founded Orion Instruments where he was president and then Chairman of the Board until he retired in 1998. A prolific inventor, he has patents in the diverse fields of photography, hydraulics, electronic circuits, information display, digital telephony, instrumentation and vehicle guidance. After writing a best-selling textbook on digital computer design in 1975, he became interested in the human mind. In 1980 he wrote his first book on the subject called The Right Brain. Research for his most recent book led him into some amazing but little-known research on the connection between mental habits and health.

In 1996 Blakeslee went to Heidelberg, Germany to interview Dr. Grossarth-Maticek, the author of much of this research. He became convinced that Grossarth's work was truly revolutionary and was being unjustly ignored by the medical establishment mainly because it challenged their current paradigm. Blakeslee currently lives in Venice, California, where he works full time on his writing and scientific research. His just released DVD Pure Pleasure 3D is designed to create the healthy state of pure pleasure conveniently in your home.

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