The CD

    A sensual, romantic soundtrack created to accompany the
    inspiring nature scenes on the breakthrough 3D music DVD.

  • A perfect background for a sensual evening of Pure Pleasure.
  • Let your imagination soar on the wings of music.
  • Take it into nature with your car stereo or portable CD player.

    Track List:
 Listen to samples using:         

  1. Return to Portofino 3:14     Play      Play
  2. Waterfalls 3:12                                   Play
  3. River Reflections 3:52        Play
  4. Surf at Sunset 4:05
  5. Cozy Fire 4:01                                    Play
  6. Train to Geneva 4:09
  7. Tivoli Fountains 4:17         Play       Play
  8. Glowing Creek 3:44
  9. Steaming Pools 2:41
  10. Jellyfish Ballet 3:12
  11. Red Rocks of Utah 3:39                       Play
  12. Snow Flight 2:56
  13. Yellowstone Rapids 2:37
  14. Fish Circle 2:38
  15. Pompei Saturday Night 3:05

Tracks 2,4,7&8 by Vlad Kuryluk,
1 by Kenny Salmon, 5 by F. Rahier,
6 by Sonny Fazio, 15 by Daril S
12&13 by Jamie Harrington,
14 by Bruce Maginnis &Michael Howle,
Produced by Thomas Blakeslee

Pure Pleasure 3D is a breakthrough DVD compilation of music and nature scenes that captures the joy of listening to music in awe-inspiring natural settings. Driving through the canyon lands of Utah, sailing into Portofino, watching the surf at sunset, riding a train through Switzerland, or watching impressionistic reflections in a river. All of the scenes are selected to resonate with the music to produce an emotional state of Pure Pleasure. 3D (glasses included) and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound further intensify the experience.

This soundtrack CD can accomplish the same thing if you let your imagination soar and create images in your own mind. Try to go into a quiet, meditative state and let the feeling of pure pleasure fill you. Or, you can use a portable CD player to take the music into real nature. Play it in your car as you drive through scenic beauty. The sensual, romantic mood of the music also makes a perfect background for a candlelit evening with your lover.

Producer/Director Thomas Blakeslee’s best-selling books have been published in nine languages. His web site gives scientific proof that pleasure is a necessity for good health. Pure Pleasure 3D is a practical way to bring the healthy state of pure pleasure into your busy life every single day.

                For video samples and info on the DVD version click here.


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© 2003. Thomas Blakeslee