Health and Childhood Training

Some families are noted for longevity and vitality in old age. Though genetics is certainly a factor in family longevity, the evidence of Dr Grossarth-Maticek's experiments indicates that mental habits created by family training and parental examples could be even more important. Many of the attitudes associated with poor health are learned in childhood from well-meaning parents. The good news is that with a little effort they can be unlearned, even late in life.

Emotional expression, for example, is encouraged in some families and discouraged in others. To be "a good boy" or girl in many families you must suppress your own needs completely and live only to satisfy other people's expectations. This can have disastrous health consequences if it causes you to fall into being the victim in unhealthy, unhappy relationships later in life. Yet being considerate of other people is a good trait which some people never learn. Most of the virtues taught to children are good in moderation but unhealthy when taken to extreme.

Working hard can make you successful but in the extreme you can become a workaholic who feels guilty whenever you aren't working. This is very unhealthy and the cause of many heart attacks.. Being self-reliant and not dependent on other people is good but, taken to the extreme of being a complete "loner" is very unhealthy.

Feelings of helplessness are also something that can be learned by parent's examples. If you grow up hearing setbacks explained by parents who think like victims, it is only natural that you too will be a victim. If your parents take responsibility and attack problems by changing their own behavior, you will tend to do the same. A good score on the self-regulation test and good health will be the result.

Though parental training may be the reason you have unhealthy mental habits, it is not an excuse for continuing to have them. You have it in your power to retrain yourself by practicing new and healthier mental habits that are proven healthy. If you take the two tests on this site, we will help you to sustain this effort by sending you weekly messages to help you to improve the problem areas uncovered by the tests. Every few months, you should take the tests again and the messages will be narrowed to include only remaining problem areas. If you stick with this process until you are satisfied with your score, you can improve your health prospects significantly.

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