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photo(3257 bytes)Dr Ronald Grossarth-Maticek has been doing research on the relationship between personality and attitude factors and health for over thirty years. The bibliography includes a selection of his most important technical papers from a list of over seventy published.

His first research was done in Yugoslavia in the early sixties. He developed a test for personality types which identified one pattern strongly associated with cancer and another one associated with cardiovascular disease. He also identified a healthy personality type which formed the basis of the later work we are using. His staff of 216 trained student interviewers questioned over ten thousand elderly residents of Heidelberg, Germany in 1972-73. The two tests we are using are translations of the original questions used in that study and are reproduced with his kind permission. I have added five questions to his pleasure and well-being test, but they are for future research only and are not counted in the scoring .

Many of Grossarth-Maticek's articles in English were co-authored by Dr. Hans Eysenck, the famous creator of the Eysenck personality inventory. Dr Eysenck has lent his considerable prestige to the work but skepticism among the medical establishment has still prevented these important experiments from having much impact on the prevailing drug-oriented medical establishment. A common statement by critics is that the results are "too good to be true." One of the purposes of this web site is to provide massive and incontrovertible replication of Grossarth-Maticek's work.

In 1996 I spent a month in Heidelberg with him and spoke to several of his former interviewers as well as some of his collaborators and critics to ascertain the reliability of his data. I couldn't help but see the symptoms of denial in the statements of the critics I spoke to. There have been some replications of the work, but they have always been on a much smaller scale. Grossarth-Maticek spent over a million dollars of family money doing his experiments. I feel that the work is of such importance that a Nobel prize would be appropriate. The medical profession has largely ignored this important work, partly because it has been published largely in psychological journals and partly because denial is a common response to paradigm-shattering new information.

In addition to his two earlier books, Dr Grossarth-Maticek plans to publish two books and an computerized expert system which should be available on the Internet in spring of 1998. All will eventually be translated into English, but here are the German book titles:

  1. Ronald Grossarth-Maticek, Gesundsein lernen - Versorge und Genesung durch Selbstregulation. Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Koln (In English: Self-regulation, Well-being and Health)
  2. Ronald Grossarth-Maticek und Helm Stierlin, Krebsrisiken. Überlebenschancen. Wie Körper, Seele und soziale Umwelt zusammenwirken.Auer Verlag, Heidelberg, 1998.

He is currently working on another, more technical, book called Synergistic epidemiology and preventative behavioral medicine of chronic diseases which should be completed in late 1998.

He has a web site in German: http://www.grossarth-maticek.de

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