Pleasure, Attitudes and Health

Your ability to feel pleasure and well-being is strongly influenced by the mental habits and attitudes which you have learned in childhood and continue to develop throughout your life. Enjoying life is a habit which can be developed but can also be lost through disuse. A recent study of 12,982 Swedish residents published in the British Medical Journal found that people who regularly attended concerts, theater, art and other cultural events were twice as likely to be alive nine years later than those who rarely attended such events. In fact, the study showed that rare attendance at cultural events was more dangerous than being a heavy smoker.

People attend cultural events for pleasure, so this is typical of the kind of habit that is associated with a high score on the pleasure & well-being test. Often as people age they gradually get out of the habit of enjoying things. The ultimate result is often a weakened immune system, poor health and premature death. Attitude jogging is a way to prevent this decline and gradually improve your capacity to live life with a maximum of healthy feelings of pleasure and well-being. By increasing the sources of joy in your life, you improve your attitude factor and with it your chances of staying in good health and living to a ripe old age.

The two attitude tests offered on this site have been proven to predict future health with uncanny accuracy. The reason is that they test basic mental habits which lead to feelings of pleasure and well-being. These emotions strongly affect your immune system, cardiovascular system and ultimatly health and longevity. Our one-year self-help program is designed to eliminate bad mental habits identified by the tests and teach you healthy ones.

We also offer a book and a DVD designed to help you improve your pleasure score.

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