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This web site is dedicated to developing a new approach to better health and longevity by identifying unhealthy attitudes and helping people to replace them with proven healthy ones.

I am also gathering data for a massive prospective study to replicate the important research of Grossarth-Maticek. Questionairre results for the self-regulation and pleasure and well-being tests will be archived in a safe place and the health status of older users will be checked 5-10 years from now. Correlation of mortality to initial test scores and also to improved scores after training will be plotted and reported in a leading medical journal.

I also hope to replicate Grossarth-Maticek's intervention studies. We will offer a course of training designed to improve self-regulation based on the principles outlined in the pamphlet used in his original study. A randomly-assigned control group of 1000 users 55 or older will be given the tests but will not be offered any information or training.A family of survival curves will be plotted. Better survival is expected for those achieving more improvement in their training retests and/or spending more time in training and specifically those who follow it for one year.

Data will also be tabulated on national variations in mean scores on rationality, expression of feelings and other factors. National mentalities are expected to correlate with regional variations in life expectancy. Foreign language versions will be created to widen access.

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