The Pleasure and Well-Being Experiment

In 1973 Dr Grossarth-Maticek sent interviewers to the homes of 3055 citizens of Heidelberg, Germany to administer the test you just took plus several other tests. All subjects were over 40 years of age. The average age was 58. Twenty-one years later, when their health status was checked, a strong correlation was found with their scores on the test 21 years earlier. The percentage of subjects who were alive and well varied almost linearly with the 1973 test score, varying from only 2.5% for the lowest scores to 75% for the highest. A graph of the results is shown below.Graph of % alive& well vs score 21 years before.

Since the test is focused strictly on your ability to enjoy feelings of pleasure and well-being, it is clear that there is a strong link between these emotions and your physical health. Experiments have shown that your immune system responds strongly to your emotions. Just as animals left behind by the herd quickly die, the human immune system functions well only when basic emotional needs are met. Many people develop bad the mental habit of denying their own emotional needs and living only to attain fixed but unattainable goals or fulfil the expectations of others. These bad mental habits are often learned from parents. The inevitable result is a low test score and, more importantly, poor health and a shortened lifespan.

The purpose of this web site is to help people who scored poorly on the test to learn new and healthier mental habits which will allow them to live a longer, happier life. Dr. Grossarth-Maticek did another important experiment which showed that this is indeed possible. I am now attempting to adapt the methods he used in that experiment into an interactive web program. I hope to prove that people who use this program for one year will significantly outlive those who simply go on repeating the same negative patterns that led to a low score.

The first step of this program is to take the 106-question self-regulation test, which will identify any specific bad mental habits you need to work on. This test will also be the basis of a one-year attitude-improvement program in which you will receive regular attitude-improvement messages which are customized based on your test results. As an early participant, you will receive this one-year service for free.

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